The above video created for a commercial developer and the architect HKS demonstrates the benefits of pre-visualization achieved by embedding 3D architectural renderings into aerial video for the purposes of demonstrating to investors, contractors and potential clients alike the vision for the project.


Impress Clients, Better Manage Projects and Save Time & Money




Architectural Challenges


  • As an architect, you can never get out to the job site too frequently.  For out-of-town jobs and remote employees, this is an even bigger challenge.

  • In an increasingly competitive environment, embracing the latest drone technology could be a distinguishing factor, especially given the related tools they tie into.

  • Base layer GIS data such as a high-resolution surface maps, vegetation surveys or aerial imagery is oftentimes extremely dated or even nonexistent.

  • Manual surveys are time consuming, sometimes requiring weeks for larger projects.

  • Some architects are equipped to fly a few of their sites themselves, but generally can’t fly all of thier job sites or with the frequency they may want.




The above imagery is an interactive 3D pre-visualization created on behalf of a engineering firm and developer.  By capturing panos, or 360 photos, at the elevations of the 2nd floor and 4th floor balconies, located on the corners of 6 buildings, embedding 3D renderings of the proposed building locations and then linking all 48 panos together, the developer, the engineering company, investors and prospective buyers can now see what their hill country and lake-views will be before ground break.



Site Surveys


Use the latest, high-resolution, drone mappings for more accurate and robust pre-construction survey and construction progress tracking.



The above imagery shows plant health where dark green is the healthiest foliage and dark red is dry, scraped dirt.  This was created from a single mapping (2D ortho) of a 7 acre construction site.

The above imagery shows the instantaneous asset inventory calculations generated from a single mapping (2D ortho) of the same construction site. Depending on what we ground truth for, the asset inventory could be anything from a pre-construction tree survey to as-built landscaping survey.  If captured over time, you could model progression.


The above image is a color coded elevation or digital surface mapping, again of the same 7 acre construction site.  As an example, this could be combined with a plant or tree inventory survey and plant health mapping for wetland surveying purposes.


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