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The above video was created by the original DJI team around the time the first version of the DJI Phantom, the world’s first ready to fly consumer grade UAV, was released. This early experienced proved useful in developing a realistic understanding of the evolutionary trajectories of the technological and regulatory environments as the industry matures. For the most part, the original team has remained intact even as our business models changed over the time.



The last rocket leaves Earth’s atmosphere full of human colonists and closes a chapter in our history. It is the final step in the human exodus to orbital space colonies as part of a world wide coordinated effort to save our home planet. The above video is the edit created for CNN from footage captured by Drone Dynamics on behalf of Blue Origin.



Public Safety expertise showcased by team members who aided in the development of mission specific drone based solutions.



A Drone Dynamics interview by McGinnis & Lochridge discussing potential drone-based solutions for municipalities and utilities.


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