Recurring drone flights help construction firms accurately capture construction progress across one job site or many, in town or across the country.  Drone Dynamics operates as a Professional Services Organization (PSO) leveraging Drone Deploy, MapsMadeEasy, Pix4D and other applications on behalf of clients as well as flight operation, FAA permitting, drone equipment logistics, and any custom data processing needs including distance, perimeter or volume calculations, precise elevation data, contour lines, and 3D modeling for as-built survey comparisons. Drone Dynamics then parses and distributes the finished data sets to the appropriate end users per your existing business workflows.  Data can be exported to engineering and GIS systems like Autodesk as well as project management applications like Microsoft Project, Viewpoint, Textura, etc.






3D Robotics is the creator of both the Solo and Site Scan application, both of which are being tested as a “complete camera-to app-to cloud system that makes it safer and easier than ever for people in construction, telecom, GIS, energy, infrastructure and related fields to collect and process aerial data and perform inspections.”  As one of 3DR’s top 5 Enterprise Partners, Drone Dynamics‘ integrates 3DR hardware and data processing software into the greater ecosystem and existing workflows construction companies are looking for.  Examples include securely uploading geotagged data to the 3DR cloud and Autodesk ReCap for processing into orthorectified 2D maps, DEMs, 3D point clouds and 3D mesh.






DJI is the manufacturer of the famed Phantom, Spreading Wings, Inspire, OSMO and Mavic hardware lines.   As a reseller of DJI hardware and as a Professional Services Organization that flies their product lines, both Drone Dynamics and DJI firmly believe that “deploying UAVs for surveying and inspection can significantly reduce costs, minimize workplace hazards and realize fundamental operational improvements especially for businesses that operate in quarries, construction sites and asset infrastructure.”





The University of Texas System and its Robotics and Engineering programs are leaders in the development of a commercially viable, drone-based applications. Drone Dynamics works to provide test data and a closed feedback loop in hopes of securing competitive advantages for both the company and its clients.





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