The above video shows the real-time manipulation of a 2D orthomosaic or map of a 7-acre construction site. The overlapping, geo-referenced nature of the drone-based imagery used to create the map allows project managers, superintendents and others to take accurate linear, surface area or volumetric measurements, track assets, take inventory and document subcontractor progress. This saves general contractors both time and money over traditional site visits and provides very thorough time-stamped documentation of construction progress.


Impress Clients, Better Manage Projects and Save Time & Money




For builders, the case for return on investment is straightforward. Drones are cheaper to fly than manned aircraft and faster than human surveyors, and they collect data far more frequently than either, letting construction workers track a site’s progress with a degree of accuracy previously unknown in the industry. With the right computing tools, builders can turn sensor data into 3D structural models, topographical maps, and volumetric measurements (useful for monitoring stockpiles of costly resources like sand and gravel). Collectively, that intelligence allows construction companies to more efficiently deploy resources around a job site, minimize potential issues, trim costs, and limit delays.

-“The Construction Industry is in Love with Drones,” Fortune Magazine, September 2016



Applications throughout The Construction Lifecycle


Architectural pre-visuals provide the architecture, engineering and construction industry with the tools they need in order to more effectively communicate everything from key concepts, to dimensional spaces and compelling aesthetics. The integration of UAV based, engineering-grade, aerial imagery with traditional renderings, illustrations and animations will become the gold standard in visual tools used to help win over clients, partners and investors alike.

PreViz Applications:


Site Planning

Faster, Less Expensive Engineering Grade Topos

Tech-Savvy Competitive Advantages

PreSales & Marketing Collateral

Dramatically increase project efficiency and accountability by pushing UAV based, engineering-grade, aerial imagery into your existing construction management and BIM applications. 3D point clouds of both internal and external construction projects enable improved coordination, communication, quicker issue resolution, and more efficient project delivery.

Construction Progress Tracking Applications:

Subcontractor Management

Aggregate Volumetrics

Equipment & Inventory Tracking

Building Information Management (BIM) Data

Real-Time Project Management Data

Scrum Meeting Collateral

Site Safety Coordination

UAV based, engineering-grade, aerial imagery and 3D point clouds allow both contractors and project owners to obtain many of the most commonly requested as-built services – photo documentation with key maps, 360 spherical photo documentation, exterior elevations, and visible MEP – in a revolutionary interactive manner. The benefits include greater accuracy, faster surveys and reduced costs.

Post Construction Applications:


As-built Surveys

Forensic Accounting Documentation

Warranty Documentation

Sales and Marketing Collateral


Additional Resources


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by March 2016



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There are over 900 FAA approved airframes, countless sensors and an entire ecosystem of aerial imagery software out there. We continually track and test the latest tools against the industry’s most common workflows in order to determine the best price-performance mix per your needs.

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