The above image shows a 2D orthomosaic of a 7 acre construction site with linear and volumetric (cut and fill) calculations taken from within the imagery as well as asset tracking denoted by the blue pins. The next generation of asset tracking, to be released shortly, will be automated providing alerts for when new equipment is dropped off at a site or existing equipment is moved or removed. Drone based aerial maps are created weekly or monthly depending on the pace of construction progress. Maps can then be navigated by simply selecting the aerial image capture date (Jan, Feb, March, etc), the data type you’d like to see and then scrolling around and zooming in and out like you would on any other map.




Impress Clients, Better Manage Projects and Save Time & Money


After logging into your aerial project tracker, you’re able to navigate through all your past, current and upcoming projects using either a map-based directory (Google Maps) or an alphabetical project listing.

By simply clicking on a map pin or project listing, you are taken to an Aerial Project Tracker like the one above for each one of your projects.  The Project Tracker is updated with the latest super-high resolution, interactive aerial imagery and data models on a regular basis by our drone pilots in the field and techs in the office.

The benefit to you – and everyone you work with – is that it allows you to review the progress of your projects in almost real-time by simply selecting a capture date, aerial data type and then overlaying your plans or blueprints in order to compare planned and actual progress from the comfort of your laptop or tablet…saving you and your company time and money all over the place.

Interested in conducting more in-depth analysis as a project manager, architect, or engineer by importing or sharing the data?  No problem.  All the raw and modeled data is saved in the cloud in the most common GIS and CAD formats formats for your convenience.  Simply download and import into the mapping or design program of your choice.





How are others using super-organized drone data?


  • …to conduct remote site inspection before breaking ground using high-resolution aerial imagery collected literally yesterday.

  • …to take asset inventories both before and during construction in order to locate and quantify everything from trees to expensive equipment.

  • …to track construction progress in order to better manage all their subcontractors and partners, from excavation to utility installation, framing to landscaping all from the convenience of your tablet or laptop.

  • …to update the bank, permitting offices, development partners, the sales and marketing department and everybody else.





Still not fully convinced that this is the greatest thing since sliced bread?


Email us the address of your project and what you’d like to see.

We’ll fly it, map it, model it and share it with you and your colleagues at no cost or obligation.*




*Restricted to new clients in the State of Texas.  Other restrictions may apply.