The above image is a screenshot taken from an interactive 3D model of a retention pond captured the morning after a flood event. The sample imagery below is from the same portion of this town’s primary form of flood control and shows the surrounding elevation, vegetation cover and volumetric estimations for maintenance and planning purposes.


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Drainage & Flood Control Challenges


  • The inspection process, especially in remote and overgrown areas, can be hazardous.

  • Inspectors are limited in the physical area the can cover per day.

  • Tracking and monitoring plant growth or stress for restoration, site stabilization or flood control projects is not done as often as it should be, or in many cases at all, due to the time and expense associated with traditional methods.

  • Modeling and tracking flood control canal and basin storage volumes using traditional methods is slow and expensive and also therefore rarely done.

  • Modeling proposed drainage or flood control projects frequently requires base layer data like topographical maps that are sparse or outdated.


Drone Dynamic’s catalog of mission specific training is designed to provide you and your department’s personnel with the flight planning, piloting, and data modeling knowledge and experience necessary to operate in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  In order for a Drainage & Flood Control Districts to be able to safely and effectively fly, gather useful data and accurately analyze or model canals, levees and drainage basins, they’d benefit from being trained on the most effective flight procedures, modeling and analytics techniques.



Sample Imagery


Elevation Mapping Around Retention Ponds

Vegetation Mapping Around Retention Ponds

Volumetric Analysis Report of Retention Ponds


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Drone Dynamics is a professional services, technology integration and data analytics company dedicated to leveraging the latest in robotics technology to the benefit of city, county and state agencies. Our mission is to strip away all the technical, regulatory, and logistical complexity that comes with their deployment leaving clients with the clean and compelling ROI of lives saved, significantly reduced operating expenses, and new and inspiring capabilities.


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Drone Pilot Training & Certification

Develop a safe and proficient in-house flight team.

Regulatory Compliance & Public Relations Campaigns

Adhere to all FAA, state & local guidelines. Answer the public’s FAQs while showcasing your technological progressiveness.

Grant Writing & Internal Budgeting Assistance

From Homeland Security Grants to the Restore Act, we have a network of experienced grant writers here to help you and your department submit requests on time and with the highest likelihood of success.

Mission-Specific Drone Deployment

There are over 900 FAA approved airframes which require the right combination of sensors and software to get the information you need to the decision makers who need it

Scalable and Collaborative Data Processing

From 3D modeling to GIS, integrate the right data in the right format into the systems and procedures you already use.



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