The above video show real-time manipulation of a 60-acre point cloud captured on behalf of a land developer during roadway and utility installation.  The imagery was captured using a drone and modeled overnight with comparable accuracy to a traditional survey but at a fraction of the cost.  The applications for the developer and his engineering partners includes the ability to integrate the most up-to-date dataset available with any CAD or GIS plans for site surveying, engineering calculations and almost real-time construction progress tracking.  The benefits from a cost savings, enhanced capabilities and time-savings perspective are huge.      


Impress Clients, Better Manage Projects and Save Time & Money


Engineering Challenges


  • 15% of materials delivered to construction sites end up in landfills, usually the result of mismanaged scheduling and purchasing.

  • Manned surveys are usually expensive, time consuming and hazardous when in rough terrain

  • Clients, Project Managers and VDC Managers want more site data, gathered more often.

  • Base layer GIS data is usually extremely dated or even nonexistent.



Sample Imagery & Reports


The above imagery shows instantaneous volumetric calculations generated by outlining the base of aggregate stockpiles from a single mapping (2D ortho) of a construction site.  

The above imagery shows an engineering grade point cloud created in Pix4D from an optimized combination of layered orbit and nadir snake drone flights over a 5 acre construction site.

The above image is a surface mapping with 2 foot contour lines generated from photogrammetry tied to ground control points. 



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Drone Dynamics is a professional services and technology company dedicated to leveraging the latest from the rapidly evolving world of drones in order to provide its engineering clientele with strong competitive advantages in terms of readily available, accurate and affordable aerial data, and new and inspiring project management, GIS, CAD and BIM capabilities.


The Complete Solution


Have us assist in building your in-house drone team…or simply have us gather the aerial data for you…or both.

Flexible & Affordable: The Only Hybrid Delivery Model

Allow us to assist you in building out an in-house drone team, or capture the data on your behalf…or both.

Scalable and Collaborative Data Processing

From 3D modeling to GIS, CAD and BIM, we help you integrate the right data in the right format into the systems and workflows you already use.

Drone Pilot Training & Certification

Develop a safe and proficient in-house flight team.

Mission-Specific Drone Deployment

There are over 900 FAA approved airframes, countless sensors and an entire ecosystem of aerial imagery software out there. We continually track and test the latest tools against the industry’s most common workflows in order to determine the best price-performance mix per your needs.

Regulatory Compliance & Public Relations Campaigns

Adhere to all FAA, state & local guidelines. Answer the public’s FAQs while showcasing your technological progressiveness.



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