Recently, I had the good fortune to talk with Craig Nehrkorn, co-founder of Drone Dynamics. His enthusiasm for drones is infectious. Craig is a passionate advocate and he is certain that the UAS industry is ready to bridge the gap between the promise of drones and today’s commercial and government needs. The most important takeaway from our conversation was that the drone industry is flourishing with ideas for drone uses and drone capabilities being created every day.

You can see Craig’s full interview here.

Jessica Palvino is a partner at McGinnis Lochridge, one of the leaders of the firm’s UAS/Drones Practice Area.


About Drone Advocates & McGinnis Lochridge

In a city like Austin which recently moved to the #1 city in the U.S. for startups, cutting edge technology is mainstream. From South by Southwest (SXSW) which brings together the convergence of music, independent films and emerging technologies to tech startups and larger enterprise companies, Austin is uniquely diversified to meet the future needs of Unmanned Aircraft Systems/Drones (UAS/Drones) manufacturers, stakeholders, and emerging industry players. The same might be said about other cities across Texas with strong research and development hubs. Throughout Texas, UAS/Drones are utilized in many different industries by McGinnis Lochridge’s clients including Agriculture, Oil, and Gas, Real Estate, Construction, Mapping, Photography, Recreation, and Entertainment.

McGinnis Lochridge, one of Austin’s largest headquartered firms (Austin Business Journal, 1/22/16), with an office in Houston serve all of Texas, the Southwest and across many industries and practices. The Firm has particular expertise in regulatory issues and navigating potential conflicts between Texas and Federal law.

The Firm has recently launched an Unmanned Aircraft Systems Practice/Drones spearheaded by three of our attorneys, Austin Brister, Jessica Palvino and Carlos Soltero.

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