(Why Do Companies Choose Professional Service Organizations?)

Short Answer:  Lower Total Cost of Ownership, Better Results


Mission Statement


Drone Dynamics is a professional services, technology and data analytics company dedicated to leveraging the latest in UAV technology to the benefit of municipalities, utilities, and related AEC industries. Our mission is to strip away all the technical, regulatory, logistical and financial complexity that comes with their deployment leaving clients with the clean and compelling ROI of lives saved, significantly reduced operating expenses, and new and inspiring capabilities.


About Professional Services


The adoption of technology, especially new technology like commercial UAVs that are surrounded by varying degrees of complexity and uncertainty, by enterprise and government clients strongly benefit from the proactive work of professional services organizations (PSOs).

PSO’s work to customize and integrate solutions to a client’s needs and take ownership of certain industry and geographic markets. This allows clients to focus on revenue generating activities instead of becoming drone experts and allows UAV hardware, software and service OEMs to focus on the competitive advantages of their product roadmaps in what is an increasingly competitive industry.

Clients trust and appreciate the fact that PSOs are technology agnostic partners who are there to continually vet the never ending flood of product releases and updates, have a deep understanding of their industry and then integrate the best of breed offerings and if necessary bridge the gap between what industry offers and what clients want. This allows clients to make quick and easy decisions about what’s best for their business without diverting the time and energy of internal resources.

From the financial perspective of a client, there are a multitude of case studies that show that the total cost of ownership (TCO) with emerging technology is considerably less when working with a PSO vs direct or alone.

UAV hardware, software and service providers leverage PSOs as sales and marketing force multipliers, closed feedback loops for product development and as tools for accelerating market adoption.

As a point of reference, the world’s most successful technology companies including Microsoft with their diverse suite of hardware, software and SaaS solutions, derived an astounding 95% of their enterprise and government revenue from 2000 – 2010 not through direct sales but through an international network of VARs / PSOs.[i]




[i] IDC, July 2012, The Business Value of the Microsoft Partner Network, Core Benefits




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